Inner Piece Collection

Inner Piece is not a single line of jewelry, but a series of collections by Lori Lori Jewelry; each with a distinct and unique style. These collections are ever-changing, continually evolving as new creations are added daily.

Luxurious items from the sand and sea

Sand & FoG

Sexy, intriguing, natural, earthy. Effortless and timeless pieces of jewelry that you layer together to create your own signature style. Each piece easily transitions from day to night. Mixed metals, hand-selected exquisite gemstones, irresistible color combinations, and versatile pieces. Some of our statements are subtle and some are strong, but all of them are highly collectible, desirable and incredible.

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Delicate Vintage Swarovski Crystal

Color Kitten

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Crowns, decor, and jewelry so opulent Marie Antoinette would approve.

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