SALE Blue Smoke

Understated and elegant long “Y” necklace. Created with vintage crystals. The stones are so elusive as they are blue and also a smoky brown color with such an unusual facet. Graceful and beautiful. The centerpiece is the most pale shade of mint green that almost reads as clear crystal…. But the hint of green is so alluring. Finished on the bottom with another vintage crystal that has a smoky mirrored look as it turns. Oh we love this layered. So bohemian and art deco. Approximately 34 inches long. You can adjust it higher or lower. This mini collection was designed so you could mix your blues with your smokes. The coordinating Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets are in their own listings. Each piece that Lori designs is her original design. Many try to imitate what she does yet unsuccessfully as when you see these pieces in person you will recognize the difference.

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