Bronze Golden Or Oyster Long Calico Necklace

Vintage Assemblage Jewelry is such a pleasure to design. Here is a basic Necklace. One of my best sellers and I have challenged myself to create a new version of it and here it is… 72 inches long! You just slip this right over your head, wrap it once, or twice and it will actually make a three strand necklace. It’s so beautiful and delicate and feminine. Created with golden bronze faceted rosary beads. Vintage brass and bronze elements. You will love the look of this perfect layering piece. Timeless, you can wear this all by itself or stack it with tons of pieces that I offer in my store. We highly recommend mixing with oyster, pearl, or turquoise to create your own ensemble with splashes of color.   Available also in the “oyster” color.
Sorry, this piece has sold.
Please Contact Lori, to request a custom order.

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