Buttermilk Beach Crystal Assemblage Jewelry

As a designer, I search for colors, elements and materials, with passion and hours of dedication, to finding the right ingredients to create what I crave. Sold individually, this ensemble is something that I feel belongs together. It crosses over different metals, shiny, matte and opalescent stones with the perfect contrast, which really appeals to me. Instant chill, instant relaxation, take away any uptight vibe and replace it with soothing, relaxing, beautiful pieces. Each piece you see here is meant as a basic to be built on, and mix as well, with Pearl, chains and long strand beads from my shop.  
The long strand necklace you see here, is an exquisite shade of buttermilk, faceted rosary beads. Pewter hand cast double sided Eiffel tower charms, give you the vintage sterling silver look, yet at a great savings. The chunky wooden beaded bracelet features one smoky, black diamond crystal, marquise focal point. It is amazing for stacking and so organic and boho. The opalescent love assemblage bracelet is playful and decadent. Sparkling love cz tag and swags of chain make this champagne crystal bracelet irresistible. One size fits most. Indulge yourself in this ensemble and start building your collection to find your inner piece.
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