Mid Century Modern Lemon Butterscotch Vintage Bib


Mid Century Modern Statement bib necklace. Fabulous Vintage flea market finds really intrigue me. Sometimes I leave them in tact and other times I Upcycle, salvage or repurpose them. Stunning, mad men style butterscotch celluloid like beads in a sliced cut, buttercup lemon colored faux pearls. So classic, 4 strands, feminine,  Adjustable approximately 16 to 20 inches long around your neck. Fills in a low neck dress, top, blouse, t, very nicely. Also shown layered as this piece is perfect for Layering. Don’t forget the Palomino Earrings, (sold separately) they look lovely.

INGREDIENTS: faux pearl, celluloid 

STYLE: mid century modern, French farmhouse, Paris apartment, fleamarket, vintage wedding, boho

COLOR: yellow.

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