Clear Blue


Every picture tells a story, and the Jasper, semi precious stones, that I used to create this elegant and earthy necklace, definitely spoke to me. I am mesmerized by the color of the perfect sky or the perfect ocean. This piece commanded me to stay simple and sophisticated. The beauty of each of these gemstones is a picture in itself. Naturally Designed with each piece looking like sand, the sea and the sky. Large and luxurious, smooth semi precious stones tastefully placed with gunmetal vintage chain. An exquisite, vintage, faceted, crystal prism is the grounding point for this statement necklace. Even though it’s chunky, you can still layer it. Approximately 38 inches long and you can hook a little higher if you like. This will become one of your instant favorites and you will be able to wear it in many more ways than you think. Denim, maxi dress, your favorite T-shirt, a pencil skirt with a V-neck sweater and heels, cut off‘s and a sweatshirt… Endless possibilities for this timeless beauty.

Sorry, this piece has sold.
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