Gold And Green Vintage Layering Necklaces


Redesigned, Reloved, Repurposed. Choose from four different gold and green vintage luxe layering necklaces. 
The LARGE TOKEN: features a Vintage, Golden, AVE MARIA, FRENCH BLESSED GOLDEN MEDAL. Green opal stones, and well loved vintage rope chain. Approximately 24 inches long. 

PERIDOT RHINESTONE REDESIGN: RETRO RHINESTONE NECKLACE has been re-created with vintage golden textured chain as an extension. Lovely, bright and cheerful, flirty design, features dark emerald accent stones. Perfect for a pop of color. Adjusts, can be approximately 24 inches at the longest. Very versatile for this ensemble or to layer with other pearls or lovebeads or Chains. 

EMERALD REDESIGN: MID CENTURY MODERN RHINESTONE COLLAR has been re-created and modernized. Adjust approximately 24 inches long. Finished off with gorgeous vintage brass chain. Makes a stunning statement and a fabulous pop of color. layers perfectly with this full ensemble.

CRYSTAL MESH NECKLACE: A wonderful Salvaged crystal wrapped in vintage, patina, brass mesh. Uniquely faceted in unusual geometric chunky shape. Draping from Vintage golden rope chain. Approximately 32 inches long.

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