SALE Honey And Blueberries

Exquisite and unique, this long strand of honey citrine, lemon quartz, and kyanite is absolutely breathtaking. It speaks for itself. See coordinating Earring choices in separate listings. Approximately 44 inches long, one of a kind, magnetic crystal clasp so pretty. Long, doubled, place on an asymmetric angle. Absolutely wear it alone or layered. This lavish color palette is a contrast that immediately evokes a sense of well-being and beauty. Vintage inspired. Either pair of earrings will work so beautifully whether you want to pick up more of the blue or whether you want to pick up more of the yellow. The yellow is absolutely golden and buttery and perfect and the blue is like delicious blueberries. Each gemstone has properties that evoke healing, balance, and all good things.
Sorry, this piece has sold.
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