Lovely Crowned Repurposed Necklace Busts


Rustic, romantic, repurposed necklace display busts. Elegant, tattered crowns topping each individual bust. Hand mixed, distressed, painted finishes. Choose from lavender, blush, or grey. Each has beautiful soft muted color palette, and distressed style finish. Approximately 9 x 6“. One of each in stock as these are one of a kind. Noticed the different crowns with their filigree and flowers. Truly special. A wonderful way to display your own personal jewelry or use in a photo or use in your store.

INGREDIENTS:  vintage style neck form, metal, burlap, hand mixed paint

STYLE: shabby chic, French farmhouse, vintage, BoHo, beach lux, rustic, earthy

COLOR:  lavender, pink, cream, gray.

Sorry, this piece has sold.
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