Marie And Cat You Choose


Vintage, Marie Antoinette and cat necklaces. Exquisite Layers designed to go together ~ Victorian inspired. Sold individually.
The first piece is our “MARIE ANTOINETTE LOCKET”. Created with Vintage, faceted, crystal, watermelon green, With a hint of purple, Chunky Statement Necklace. Marie Antoinette image under glass and purple vintage rhinestones, on an Upcycled, vintage brass Locket. Shimmering and illuminating. Sensual and interesting. Adjustable length from approximately 18 to 22 inches long.
Or choose

the adorable “BLACK TABBY CAT LOCKET”. Decoupage style, With roses an adorable black tabby cat. Swarovski crystals and vintage crystals embellish this one of a kind piece.  Vintage Antique gold Chain 18 inches long. Romantic and sexy style. Each piece is sweet and Feminine. Victorian vibes. 

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