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Something Blue

Sale price$325.00

Are you fond of vintage, charm bracelets, the tingling, feminine noise? This has such exquisite details. Beautifully Upcycled, dark and light sapphire blue rhinestone bracelet. So much texture, shimmer and a three dimensional pattern that gracefully moves. She has an art deco yet mid century feeling. Enhanced with antique salvaged glass rosary beads in a beautiful cornflower blue color. Vintage and vintage reproduced, religious medals, dangle throughout. Bracelet is well-made with an easy slide clasp and safety chain. Fits approximately seven and three-quarter almost 8 inches. So gorgeous all by itself as a Statement, yet can certainly be stacked  with many of our bracelets. This bracelet took hours to create, and each charm was meticulously selected. Superior quality with a Grunge glam look.
Something Blue
Something Blue Sale price$325.00