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pink-vintage-assemblage-prism-necklaceAuthentic is a word you'll hear me use frequently because it means so much to me.

When I design jewelry I don't think about "what will sell"; I create something that I love. If I try to make jewelry in an attempt to please other people; the piece looks contrived and loses some of its joy…it's no longer authentic. It's not REALLY from my heart.

Every single necklace, bracelet, and earring at Inner Piece collection is designed from my intuition and personally hand-made by ME with my joy and my love in my studio in Orange County, California. THAT is what "authentic" means to me. It's all about JOY.

The entire Inner Piece Collection EXPERIENCE is meant to help you feel that same Joy and Love. From browsing my gorgeous website to your exquisite hand-design presentation arriving in the mail, I want you to feel anticipation and excitement in every step.

Jewelry from Inner Piece Collection is a complete sensual experience: meaning it appeals to all the senses. You can see the light refracting through vintage prisms and the delicate interplay of color, you can hear the distinct sound of layered mixed-metal swaying gently, you can feel the vintage rosary beads slip between your fingers, and even your sense of smell is indulged as you open your gorgeously hand-packaged purchase and release the delicately scented tissue paper. The only sense not touched is taste…please do not eat the wrist candy ;- )

When I purchase jewelry, I only want to wear the best… so that's what I use: the BEST. You'll hear me use various terms in describing my jewelry, and I want you to understand how this all builds into the authenticity and experience:

An element is described as vintage if it is at least 20 years old, represents a previous era's style, and has a feeling of nostalgia. Often vintage items evoke happy emotions because they remind us of good times of the past.

Vintage Style
This means an element is newly manufactured in the style of a past era. It manages to capture the nostalgia in a newly created element.

Antique items are about 100 years old, but may also refer to a piece from the 1920s, 30s, or 40s.

Hand Cast
Antique element are one-of-a-kind. To help preserve special pieces, I have them replicated. The tokens, medallions, and medals labeled "hand cast" were molded and cast specifically for Inner Piece Collections by a privately contracted artisan from an original, salvaged antique.

Hand Selected
When I string the perfect stack bracelet, or prepare the strand for a necklace, I meticulously hand sort all gemstones to get the perfect color and configuration. I have boxes and boxes of discarded gemstones because the colors weren't quite the right shade. No piece is flung together or strung with off-the-rack strands; each gemstone is chosen to fit the piece.

Antique Ribbon
Ribbon used in my jewelry is either salvaged from antique cloth or sourced from trusted vendors.

Rosary Beads
Cheap necklaces substitute plastic beads for their faux rosaries. At Inner Piece Collection, when I use an old rosary in my jewelry, I will describe it as glass, crystal, French, or Italian based on the origin of the piece described to me when it was salvaged and procured.

Swarovski® Crystal
If I piece is labels as using Swarovski® Crystal, then it was manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps using a generations old secret process. Once again, "authenticity" is very important to me personally, and it's reflected in my jewelry.

Czech Glass
This is my description for stones and beads originating from Czechoslovakia. Some are vintage and some modern. Regardless of their age, Czech Glass is fresh and appealing, timeless and available in exquisite colors.

Faux Pearl
Faux Pearls are imitation pearls usually made of glass with gorgeous luster.

Freshwater Pearl
Freshwater pearls are genuine pearls that can be modified with color.

Semi Precious
My gemstones are meticulously hand selected. I do my best to describe the proper name of the gemstone or how to best describe the color. I search for fresh, appealing, luxurious stones that also contain a rustic, organic, natural element.

Gunmetal describes a distressed, dark finish which leans towards silver.

When I describe an element as "bronze," it may literally be made of genuine bronze or it may be describing the color of an antique with a dark golden finish.

Pewter looks very similar to sterling silver, but produces a natural patina for a more earthy feel.

Patina is the natural tarnish produced when a metal oxidizes and is often a hallmark of antique and vintage elements. Patina brings out shades of green or rust and creates a remarkably feel to a piece.

Art Deco
An antique described as Art Deco would have originated in the 1930s and 40s. But I describe vintage elements as Art Deco if they are streamlined, modern, and flourished in a way to recall that earlier era.

Victorian antiques are generally from the 1920s through 1930s.