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Love Letters

Absolutely stunning and classy set! And I am very picky with jewelry. Looks even more extraordinaire in person. Lori also has wonderful packaging and sent three meaningful charms that I can wear every day as a tangible item to remind me that al things will fall into place perfectly.

- Love, Tokoyuko

This vintage bracelet is so pretty & unique. I've never seen anything like it. Lori is such a talented and creative jewelry designer. I'll always treasure the vintage pieces I've collected from her over the years, and will continue to add new ones! She's also a beautiful person...inside & out.

- Love, Gina


I bought this beautiful piece for my granddaughter to set off her beautiful blues eyes, and I am so happy. It is STUNNING, just like my Isabella. This is the only place I go to buy BEAUTIFUL jewelry ALL HANDMADE and designed by Lori. I have tons and I'm getting MORE!

- Love, Veraunica

I absolutely LOVE my bracelet! Beautiful, gorgeous, substantial, heavy in substance but so very comfy...a true work of art! I will wear this most likely every day with the wooden watch. My new fave. It has been such a joy to be a new Inner Piece Collection fan....but even more so to have a new friend in Lori. She is amazing and all that is right and beautiful.

- Love, Kimberly

I love this vintage piece so much! Beautifully done...dainty and feminine, jingles ever so slightly and the stones have the most loveliest of hues! Always a delight to open, a true treat to receive, a piece to love forever - Inner Piece Collection is fabulous! Love love love! Thank you Lori for all xo

- Love, Kimberly

This necklace couldn't be more perfect for me. It seems to be a carefully thought out piece because there are so many ways to wear it depending on where you place the beads when worn doubled. This is more what I would be wearing everyday to really spice up my simple talismans. It goes with everything and makes my pearls look better. And of course the agate beads used are high quality and gorgeous with soothing energy. Every metal component used in this and all jewelry by Lori is the best you can find. A masterpiece!

- Love, Tokeyuko

 Lori has the most wonderful taste and she packages her jewelry beautifully. It was presented so well; just gorgeous! I thoroughly recommend purchasing from Lori

- Love, Miss Samantha

At the risk of being redundant, but hey if the jewelry fits right....ANOTHER beautiful piece from Lori and her Inner Piece Collection! What I love the most about her gorgeous designs is that they all layer together when worn at once in organic perfection. No need to collect from here and there...her collection gives you that time-gathered result and that is a HUGE gift and artistic accomplishment. Fan for life!

- Love, Kimberly

These earrings are amazing, and I love the name "Daylight Earrings"! Glamorous earrings to wear during the day, not just night time. They are spectacular at catching the sunlight and throwing it around everywhere. I love that they are depicted with an abalone shell which is what I bought them for. I wanted to bling-afy me abalone set, and these have the multiple colors within it. I love buying here because it means a lot to know that Lori has a heart of gold and is responsive with concerns and truly, truly cares about her clients. It matters to be because it generates good vices, good business because jewels with positive energy are entwined with that intention. It's therapeutic to treat yourself well on a regular basis

- Love, Tokoyuko

My treasures always arrive in the most beautiful packaging. The pink opal is so luscious with colors ranging from nude pink, ballerina pink, blush, and peony. Perfect for any princess!

- Love, Ashlie

If you have every purchased here you know that what you see what you get BUT in person even BETTER than what you saw. I will only shop here for vintage jewelry and one-of-a-kind pieces. STUNNING.

- Love Veraunica

Love all of Lori's luxe vintage bottles, but this bird has won my heart. Stunning, regal, and dripping in pearls. So thankful she came to nest in my bling-haven of all creations Lori.

- Love, Beth

Each piece Lori creates is an absolute work of art! I gave these earrings as
a gift and oh did she love them! I may need a pair myself too! Incredibly talented designer..and did I mention the wrapping is gorgeous! Thank you Lori.

- Love, Debi