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Article: Styling Loungewear Jewelry

Styling Loungewear Jewelry

Styling Loungewear Jewelry

Business Casual Jewelry

Styling Loungewear

Elevating comfy favorites to business attire with the right accessories.

Like many business women in 2020, I never expected to be working from home. In the transition from meeting face-to-face to video chat, many of us are trying to find the fine line between dressing comfortably yet staying professional. So let me demonstrate how you can have both: you can elevate your favorite lounge-wear to fresh and savvy business-wear with the beautiful, well balanced and designed jewelry. Watch my videos to see how I take a simple, lacy, black loungewear top and switch a few key accessories to create a whole new look.

There's no need go though the trouble and expense of shopping for outfits to match your new lifestyle when your jewelry is what really makes your look memorable. Your accessories showcase your taste, make you stand out, and give your clients a chance to connect with you as a person, not just a picture on a screen. And jewelry-done-right is a fabulous ice breaker and conversation piece.

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Lounge Wear Jewelry

Same Outfit - New Look

Don't spend extra on new outfits. Give your loungewear unlimited life and endless looks by re-layering your jewelry collection.

I'm now going to show you how I can take that same little black loungewear top, and transform it into a put-together and sophisticated look with a stylish bohemian edge. And here's the secret ingredient: JEWELRY!

So first I add a gorgeous, creamy duster sweater over the dark lounge wear to instantly soften the look. It's beautiful, but still clearly just lounge wear. If I want to wear this on-camera for a zoom meeting or to have a video chat with a client, I HAVE to take it up another level….and I do that with breathtaking original jewelry from my Sand & Fog Collection.

Watch in my video what happens when I add a large-gemstone rosary accented by a salvaged antique cross. This assemblage piece, named Rustic Royalty, upgrades the whole look from comfy to classy. Then I choose a strong wrist statement with a very diverse stack. You'll notice all of my jewelry is using multicolored earth tones to add life and excitement to the neutral black & cream lounge wear. I'm elevating a very simply color scheme into something eye-catching and extraordinary by using beautiful, and carefully coordinated jewelry.

You probably noticed that the bracelets in my stack are very different styles. Like the Carmel Beach bracelet uses rustic, earthy natural stone to give a beachy vibe. And then right on top I stacked the Calico Boho bracelet with a chunky, multicolored gemstone bracelet with a bohemian elegance. And then Seafoam Treasure bracelet which has this salvaged coin motif surrounded by gentle sea-green gemstones. Despite the rich contrast, they all stack perfectly together. That is why I design my jewelry in COLLECTIONS. Each piece of jewelry is intentionally designed to effortlessly layer and stack with any other piece in the same collection, so that you can fearlessly mix and match to create different looks, different styles, and yet they all fit together.

Lounge Wear Jewelry

Lilac & Amethyst

Save money on clothes, invest in timeless, elegant jewelry.

I've shown you how to get a soft sophisticated lounge wear look using a cream duster and complimenting loungewear jewelry. Using the same little black tank and leggings, I'm going to take the outfit straight to edgy. This transformation is simple: Change into a statement, BoHo, chic, necklace which can be worn alone or layered with other pieces in my collection.

In my video, the feminine, lilac suede jacket is the perfect garment to re-define basic loungewear and advance it to professional wear. The key is to elevate the entire look by grounding it with an important necklace, and build the layers to create a sophisticated elegance.

Watch what happens when I layer on luscious, glossy amethyst and purple crystal jewelry. I add a trio of dark-metal chain necklaces with a variety of purple hue stones. My Purple Passion Necklace has this large cut crystal focal point. I add a stack of four Sand & Fog bracelets to each wrist…and BAM! You can see how the deep layers of purple in my jewelry form this bridge of color between the black base layer and the lilac jacket. Now it's a killer outfit. I can wear this on a zoom-call and feel like a million bucks…but I'm still just in my loungewear!

All the pieces in this video, are from my Sand & Fog Collection. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation; so if a piece is sold you can either contact me for a custom order…or explore and see what else is there. Pieces in the same collection are made to mix-n-match so you can create unlimited looks with the jewelry you collect.

Lounge Wear Jewelry

Playing Dress-Up

Wear your loungewear to a party...and get away with it! The power of jewelry and the beauty of accessories.

For Look 3 & 4, we're going to play dress up! Be sure to watch the video to see how each piece slowly builds the look and completes the outfit. It just gets better and better with each accessory!

By now you should definitely recognize my little black tank. I start with the same black lounge wear tank and pants, but you'll notice there is NO top layer. It is ONLY my jewelry that makes this look hold its own. Mixed metal (mostly gold) embellished with little sparkling crystals are highlighted with simply outstanding charms! My Butterflies Are Free Necklace has triple strand of champagne set crystals in a gunmetal finish that leads to a vintage inspired gold butterfly charm. You'll also see a pave puffy heart, one of my signature charms. My wrist statement is a mixture of gold and fools gold, pyrite giving a less lustrous feel that's reminiscent of vintage patina. AND THAT'S IT! Inner Piece Collection jewelry, layered over basic loungewear, has created a full look! Comfy, minimalist…and yet SO professional; absolutely appropriate for work.

Now it's time to get undressed ;-)

Once again…WATCH THE VIDEO! You have to see this video to believe how this same outfit transforms piece-by-piece into an incredible party look. For this little dress-up game we're going to pretend I'm going to a get together with just a handful of my best friends in a nice, outdoor, socially distanced tea party. This is a bling-party, so I don't have to hold back on the crystals.

It's going to be chilly outside at this imaginary party, so I grab a fabulous top layer: my go-to is an adorable blush-colored faux fur coat from Monte. With a coat like this, your jewelry has to balance it out, or it will dominate and look bland. So instead of doing a wrist stack, I need a more substantial wrist statement: my Fuchsia Donut Bangle, which is hot pink Lycra studded with dazzling Swarovski Aurora Borealis crystals. For my necklace, once again, I'm not going to layer, I'm going to rely on Pink Cake which is a one-of-a-kind, assemblage, Maria Antoinette inspired statement necklace. Wow! To top this look off, I add a Sparkling Halo in black to draw from the loungewear and complete the look. A little retro, a little moderns, and a ton of sparkle.


So in four videos, I've just taken a single, basic lounge wear layer and made it office-ready, camera-ready, and party-ready by layering and stacking gorgeous jewelry from my Sand & Fog line at Inner Piece Collections by Lori Lori Jewelry. Designed with inspiration from the art-deco period, bohemian influence, and French flare; each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind many using salvaged, vintage elements. If a piece in these videos is sold, continue to browse through the collection. Pieces in the same collection are designed to mixed and matched effortlessly, allowing you to follow your intuition: collect beautiful pieces that speak to you, then layer and stack to create your own signature style.

If you're interested in learning more styling secrets I'm offering personal, one-on-one styling consultations…just text me.


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