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Article: Little Black Dress Three Ways

Little Black Dress Three Ways

Little Black Dress Three Ways

Timeless Jewelry

Styling a Little Black Dress

If I had to choose between a $600 and a $30 necklace, I would choose $600 of jewelry and a $30 dress. And here's why: clothing is a purchase, but jewelry is an investment.

As a designer and a stylist, I love my wardrobe. If I try on an outfit and it feels like I already own it...that's my intuition speaking to me. So I love clothes, I love fashion, but here's the thing: clothing wears out. It fades, it shrinks, it stretches, and it can go out of style. But JEWELRY – well designed jewelry – is timeless. Good jewelry never goes out of style.

My Inner Piece Collection's vintage, assemblage necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are timeless. Each piece is perfectly balanced and designed with authentic elements for a beauty that will never, ever fade.

Investing in jewelry over buying more clothes makes a lot of sense. I can buy a single black dress and accomplish three completely different looks just by changing my jewelry. I don't need to buy three different dresses, instead, I collect beautiful jewelry that I can effortlessly mix-and-match and layer to change my look to fit the occasion. Let me demonstrate; watch my videos to see how one super-simple black dress can be transformed into three different levels of top-drawer style just by switching my jewelry.

Timeless Jewelry

Styling a LBD for Daywear

Save money on cloths by investing in the right accessories. Timeless classic jewelry is always in style!

When updating your wardrobe there are a few important tips to always remember:

1. Buy clothes you love

2. Buy clothes that fit you well

3. Buy clothes that speak to your intuition

But also remember that your jewelry can take a single outfit so much further. By simplifying your wardrobe, you allow accessories to set the style. For my second video, I take the same basic black dress and transform it into an edgy, sexy, day-look just by changing my jewelry!

Look #3

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