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Article: Styling Jeans and a Tshirt

Styling Jeans and a Tshirt

Styling Jeans and a Tshirt

The Most Basic Outfit

White Tshirt & Jeans

Take a basic look and let your jewelry give it style.

This video series is going to style the MOST BASIC casual outfit: white t-shirt and jeans. This outfit isn't just comfortable; it's appropriate for any age and it's timeless. Your JEWELRY decides the style. This outfit can be classy, fun, fresh, sophisticated... So watch my videos to see how I take this perfect fitting little tee from Monte, baggy, distressed boyfriend jeans, and the most perfect, saddle-brown, leather belt and dress it up and down with vintage assemblage jewelry from Inner Piece Collection by Lori Lori.

(In this video, notice how soft peachy and champagne colors with rhinestone and charm bracelets make a super chill, but very FEMININE look.)


Effortless Layering

Have Fun Getting Dressed!

This is a fun little video where I show you how effortlessly Inner Piece Collection necklaces layers together.

Let's get dressed together! I want you to see how much fun I have layering and just playing with my jewelry! I don’t always “plan out” what I’m going to wear (I didn’t for this video). Instead I start layering pieces from the same collection. Every piece of jewelry I design in a collection is meant to layer and stack together…so you can experiment and play with different looks and just have fun with your jewelry!

In this video, I just grabbed a bunch of jewelry from Sand & Fog, and put on my very basic but comfortable outfit. I've got my distressed boyfriend jeans and a long-sleeve white tee with thumb-holes. (I like thumb-hole tees when I'm cold, but this style of tee will also lengthen and thin the appearance your arms.)

I start with a strong focal point. I'm wearing a rich, vintage rhinestone spray flower surrounded by bronze crystals. This assemblage necklace is called Golden Spray Shimmer. I've already chosen to stack champagne and silvery freshwater pearls bracelets to set the tone on my wrist. And now it's time for the fun. I just start layering!

At random, my first pick is a very long, silver finished chain adorned with antique crosses I've collected and salvaged over time. Right away, I can tell that this is going to be a mixed-metal look. My next selection is a baby bronze strand with little pewter hearts. The hearts adorning this necklace have been individually hand-cast from a salvaged antique charm. The hearts are inlayed with tiny crosses over the top; it's just so distinct and almost feels medieval. I knew I would want to use these hearts in repetition on a single strand, which is why I had it cast.

My next pick is a long chandelier prism with a diagonal soldering and a pave crown. At this point, I've randomly drawn three long layering necklaces, so I need to fill in open spaces on my neckline. I select a shorter necklace and it happens to be one of highly requested pieces, The Queen of Ice. And it instantly frames and builds the statement piece.

Now that I've established my layers, I can tell that I still need to balance the space. Fortunately, my Vintage French Chic Crown Ensemble Assemblage Necklace is made to wear long or double. So I find the clasp, double the strand, and it completes my look perfectly. Four necklaces with a white-tee and jeans, and you've got an incredible outfit!


Effortless Layering

Adjusting Necklace Length

Using jewelry to create a new look beachy, luxurious look for a basic t-shirt and jeans.

Same basic outfit, but a new look…thanks to exquisite, beachy jewelry from the Sand & Fog Collection by me: Lori Lori. This time I'm wearing a Michael Lauren long sleeve white tee with thumbholes and the same baggy boyfriend jeans, but I'm accessorizing with a Rag and Bone beanie, and the softest, vanilla-cream duster by Michael Stars.

Now the jewelry. I've preselect beach-inspired colors: sea foam greens and ocean spray blues, nudes, tortoise, and caramel browns. I start with a vintage assemblage jewelry with ocean agate gemstones…you can practically see the ocean in this stone! To layer, I bring on a long baby bead layer strand with sky blue rosary beads. Then for the final layer I select Mermaid Tides. This incredible beach luxe piece is adorned with fluorite, aquamarine, moonstone weighted with a double-sided, hand-cast cross, made exclusively for Inner Piece Collection.

I design most of my necklaces with adjustable length so that as you begin layering you can adjust as needed or even double a long-strand. Because I didn't preselect the jewelry for this video, you can see how I layer pieces I want to wear, and then adjust the length for balance!


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