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Article: Casual Jewelry

Casual Jewelry

Casual Jewelry

Casual Jewelry

Fun & Fabulous Casual Jewelry

A casual feel-good look where your jewelry reflects how you feel.

When I get dressed, I asked myself…how do I want to feel? This fun and fabulous new jewelry from Inner Piece Collection is what I wear when I want to feel fresh and energized. This is a very casual and relaxed look I could wear to meet with a client or just go to the store for a little home décor shopping. This is the jewelry for when I don't want to have to fuss, I just want to throw on a white tshirt and black jeans and be comfortable and look great.

I bet the first thing you noticed is my loose choker; it's so eye catching! It's a new creation using all vintage elements. The ribbon is antique dipped-velvet in the most gorgeous rose color I've ever seen in my life! And accented with rhinestones salvaged from the 1940's and 50's. I styled it loosely because I personally don't want to draw attention to my neck. As women age, sometime we become self conscious about the skin along our neckline, but with a piece this incredible I just relax about it, chill, and choose wear what I love.

Around my neck, my first layer is an authentic, calico love-bead necklace with my signature vintage puffy heart and antique crosses with an amazing patina. The beads are dubbed "Calico" because they're strung in a "random" pattern. In truth, I've carefully hand selected each bead and balanced the color in a way to make this necklace layers with ANYTHING. It goes with gold, it goes with silver, pearl, and any color of crystal. In this video, I chose to pair it with a pale pink pearl rosary.

One my wrist is a combination of the best vintage elements EVER! The Silvery Moonlight assemblage bracelet is loaded with vintage religious medals, mother of pearl cross, rare, white mercury glass…it's just super luxurious and perfect. But looking at the colors and textures, you'll notice freshwater pearl, gemstone, and candy colored gemstone all stacking together effortlessly to create a relaxed and comfortable feel.

Casual Jewelry

Grunge Glam + Beach Luxe

You know blue is my favorite color: Periwinkle, Bottle Glass, Cobalt Sapphire. And my wrist has got them ALL! Watch my video to check out this incredible bracelet stack of vintage beads, gemstones, and crystal.

The outfit I'm wearing isn't business attire, it certainly isn't not lounge wear (if you want to see my videos on Styling Loungewear Jewelry click here)…it's a style I like to call CHILL. A basic dark layer with a comfy flannel coverup reminiscent of the 90's Grunge Era, but MUCH more elegant! What I love about this look is it's casual, but it also dresses up so easily.

It looks like I'm wearing three different necklaces, but I've layered two. Though both necklaces are from my earthy bohemian collection called Sand & Fog, one is what I would call "Grundge Glam", and the other I describe as "Beach Luxe."

The Green Goddess assemblage necklace is Grunge Glam. It has an edgy distressed look, but is still very graceful. It's vintage pearls with bronze caps give a powerful statement, and it's embellished with some of my favorite salvaged vintage elements: one of my signature puffy hearts, a religious medallion, and vintage crosses. This necklace was created to be layered or worn all by itself; it can definitely hold its own!

The Stormy Weather necklace is what I call Beach Luxe: super beachy and super luxurious. This particular necklace is moody, sultry, and sexy. It has authentic, sky blue rosary beads in a double strand, incorporated with a heavier chain holding a one-of-kind, absolutely stunning, vintage, checkerboard crystal. It is such an incredible statement!

If you ever have a question about what to layer, how to layer, or how to dress an outfit up or down…please just ask! My styling appointments are a fun and casual way to ask your question and get answers to all your jewelry questions!

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